We Brits are simple folk…!
Originally satisfied with Nescafe Red Agglomerated coffee, we graduated slowly to Nescafe Gold blend Freeze Dried … Now we are increasingly demanding those gourmet coffee experiences we have enjoyed away from home, at home

As an appreciator of good coffee, I have to say that this is good news!

How you enjoy fresh coffee in your home is as much a matter of taste. As a nation, French Press is the most popular method of preparation, with 32% of us using a cafetiere at home, 23 % a filter machine, 14% a pod machine and 14% an espresso machine…

If we drill down into this  data a little, we immediately see that it is portioned, single serve espresso that is the beneficiary of this major change in at home fresh coffee consumption patterns

The single serve espresso market is big, valued in Europe alone at c 3.5 > 4 B € pa and is growing at c 10 > 15 % CAGR

Why has it been so successful?

The espresso lifestyle is aspirational, Mediterranean, young and sexy and the new wave of machines are style statements we are proud to display in our kitchens

Consumer demands for Health & Wellness mean that single portion; fresh, consistent quality espresso is on trend

Conspicuous consumption is the new king and espresso finds itself right time and right place…

Finally, we have become accustomed to paying £2 > £3 for a gourmet coffee away from home….this has created a benchmark, which means that 40p + for a Nespresso capsule at home, now seems fair value!

And it is Nespresso which leads the way in the Single Serve Espresso market place…Now one of Nestlé’s ‘Billionaire’ brands, it grew by 23% last year to an estimated $3.5 B USD

Well protected by various trademarks and patents, none of the other major players, like Kraft with Tassimo or Lavazza with Modo Mio or Point have managed yet to emulate the success, the style, the sophistication or the market share!

Yesterday’s news that Starbucks will be entering the single serve market place was no surprise to most pundits……  only that it had taken so long to launch an integrated product range

But you know what there is another way!

We do not need to swallow the corporate solutions and pay the price the greedy corporate machines demand for their lock and key coffee systems

Companies like Aromo offer an intelligent solution – The ESE Easy Serving Espresso Pod

The ESE pod can be used in any espresso machine, domestic or catering, which would usually use loose product

It is completely bio degradable and compostable

Costs about half that of a Nespresso capsule

Is simple and easy to use

Gives you a finished product of excellent quality, flavour and performance

Is quick and easy to use

And delivers portion controlled freshness each and every time..

It’s a no brainer really!

Simple, yet devastatingly effective, with a tiny carbon foot print, today’s discerning espresso fashionista chooses the ESE Easy Serving Espresso pod…one espresso pod…many style statements

This article was written by Guru who writes for aromocoffee.co.uk, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods




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